Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Almost like Dunkirk...!

It is almost unbelievable that the Brown Government should be, on their abject retreat from their maladministration, be faced with a final challenge which of course they have failed. These people are useless and they have proven it. The Civil Aviation Authority which of course is run by a female, professional, quangocrat has failed us all.

They have been following legislation that was drafted over twenty years ago based on the experiences of ONE aircraft and ONE experience! Nobody has updated this legislation and so the country was locked down for no discernable reason. Is that not typical of what we the long suffering public have had to endure ever since Bliar and Gorgon took control of the country.

Our Political Class, supported by the mainstream media, is vacuous but many of the voters are so ignorant that it is difficult to call what the response will be. A Yahoo video which is on the Internet demonstrates the actual ignorance of the English public. It is a scandal that so many of our young people (over twenties) are frankly so utterly thick that they do not even understand the word 'constituency' or even recognise the word 'policy'!

This is NoLab in action after thirteen years of their policies. The kids are all well versed in their 'rights' and how to stitch up teachers but how much more do they know? Ed Balls of course trumpets the mantra that English education is 'world class'! Yeah right Ed have educated millions of kids not to understand the words 'policy' and 'constituency' Nice One you utter prat!!

I fear that ignorance will win this election and frankly that is not good.

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