Wednesday, 28 April 2010

What will happen to Mrs Duffy now?

Mrs Duffy must have resisted Gorgon's pleas to face the press corps with him. So far she has made no further comment on her meeting with the PM or what he said to her but the red tops/Sundays will soon be flashing their cheque books because she is hot property!

She has now unfortunately stumbled into an election drama of unparalled magnitude. Gorgon spent 45 minutes with her and I am sure it didn't take him all that time to say 'sorry Gillian'. He is a political thug who will do anything to stay in power so I wonder what his tack was. I don't know if Gillian Duffy had family present but to be forced to open her door to the Brown gang must have been really menacing.

I hope that the much vaunted NoLab backroom bully boys don't turn their attention on this hapless woman but I would't bet against it. Gordon and his gang have an instinct for nastiness. If Gillian Duffy has family and friends present they had better look after her in the weeks left before the election.


bewick said...

Gillian Duffy did apparently have family present.
The realisation that she was just a pawn was amply demonstrated by her reaction when told what the Prime Mentalist had said about her.

Gillian previously had much the same attitude to Labour as had my Mam. Wouldn't hear a word against them - understandable given that the OLD Labour had done so much for the working class, including me.
Sadly her situation seems not to have affected many who will still vote Labour. Perhaps so would I were I one of the 15-20% of working age dependant on benefits (6m v 30m). Turkeys don't vote for Christmas!
Gillian should have stuck to her original statement that she never wanted to speak to that man again but she was leaned upon. Fortunately she refused the photo call.
Brown really WAS sorry - that he had finally been caught out. Everything else was sham

bryboy said...

Hi Bewick tks for your interest. I think we all know the 'I will always vote Labour' people and largely they just don't want to think about it.

I can understand the benefit brigade and the quango crew who rely on Labour for their jobs but hopefully there will not be enough of them.

Do you know I still don't know how I will vote myself!