Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Gordon Brown

I seriously believe that Gorgon Brown is deluded. His election campaign is so designed to protect him from (a) the public and (b) the actual truth that journalists travelling with him, whose organisations have paid thousands of pounds for the privilege, even though the PM often travels alone with his wife and bodyguards all report that this election campaign is so coordinated to show Gorgon smiling and the shaking hands of the party faithful that it is a travesty.

I therefore laughed aloud when I read the genius blog 'The Daily Mash' announcing that Gorgon is very close to recognising his personal problems. I make no apology for reprinting the opinions of 'The Daily Mash' about Gorgon's personal responsibiilty because it is so important the the public are reminded again and again before 6th May. Dr Bishop by the way is a fictitional character

Dr Bishop warned that Mr Brown could now be on the verge of accepting responsibility for selling Britain's gold reserves at the bottom of the market, destroying the private pension system while protecting the pensions of the people who vote for him, under-equipping British soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq, using taxpayers money to save the Labour Party from bankruptcy and generally spending his entire career being a lying, manipulating, self-absorbed thug who has tried to smear and destroy every one of his opponents.

Now that is plain speaking.

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