Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Spin, spin, spin....!

I doubt that in my entire life which is becoming extensive have I ever heard anything like the cover up currently under way to defend Gorgon from his irrecoverable position after insulting a core voter. He is currently inside her house probably grovelling but most likely bribing/bullying her into a joint appearance before the media exhonerating him from his insult.

The poor woman must be under enormous pressure to support him. It is absolutely intolerable that she should have her house inivaded by Brown's goons forcing her to become a national figure. She did not sound like a wealthy woman so that my guess is that she will take the money for the sake of her family. That is always how the Browns of this world buy their way out of the problems that they have created.

But what if she doesn't take the money? The BNP must be rubbing their hands either way.

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