Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Protecting the Ballot Box...

So the most open secret this year has finally been announced and surprise, surprise an election has been called for May 6th. This NoLab government have demonstrated without any shadow of doubt their talent for scullduggery. Deep within the Downing Street bunker a cartel of political villains have operated unhindered long before Gorgon Brown skipped happily through the front door without having to face an election.

Ever since huge efforts have been made to circumnavigate democracy. Baronees Ashton shoehorned into Europe without an election, Lord Mandelson back into Cabinet without election, Lord Adonis into Cabinet without election and many others wielding influence without election even though Gorgon has hundreds of elected MPs that he could choose from.

My fear is that ballot boxes will be subject to vote rigging. Just remember it was NoLab who extended the Postal Vote and then in the Glenrothes By-Election (where they gained an astonishing victory) the very register used to account for postal votes suddenly disappeared! It disappeared from the Sheriff's office located in Kirkcaldy Town Hall the PM's very own constituency!

I blogged just yesterday that the salaries of Chief Executives have recently shot through the roof to such an extent that they now have a vested interest in ensuring a NoLab victory. Even the tier beneath the CEO must realise that their bloated salaries are unsustainable and would be under threat from any other democratically elected government.

There have also been reports in the recent past that the Muslim postal vote (particularly the Muslim female vote) has fallen prey to uncrupulous males who have been seen in public filling in fistfuls of ballot papers.

The Chief Executive Association has already been advocating the ban of the overnight count so that all counts take place the following day. This would of course increase the potential for vote rigging because who would guard the boxes? All those with the vested interest of NoLab would undoubtedly have the keys to 'Fort Knox' and would you trust today's police to protect the boxes without a 'risk assessment'?

I suspect that plans are already afoot to return NoLab and that the marginal constituencies have already been targetted. I know that in recent by-elections minor parties like the BNP have taken it upon themselves to guard the ballot boxes. I think that this election is so important that we shall all have to be on our guards to prevent interference from all those fearing for their jobs and monstrous salaries.
We must also remember that the register of Postal Votes is an extremely important document when it comes to democracy.

I suspect an avalanche of recounts, investigations, accusations and suspicions. I also suspect that NoLab will gain a good many more seats than any of us believe possible. Time will tell.

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