Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Cuts and Dishonesty...!

This must be the most dishonest election campaign run in the history of this country and frankly we all know it. The Westmonster three are all trying to dupe the electorate by failing to spell out the consequences of the NoLab profligacy of the past thirteen years so let us try and sort out why. Make no mistake we owe billions and not one of the Westmonster parties have any intention of addressing the problem (well not in front of us the electorate).

All three Westmonster parties have been bought and paid for by the European Union and the captains of industry. Let us remember that the EU has never passed an audit which means that we continue to pour public money into an organisation, backed up by all three of our major parties, which is illegal. The EU is a gangster led organisation which discredits all those who support it.

The British public pour billions into the EU every year and much of it is then turned round and used to support government quangos which employ party loyalists to ensure that EU policies are implemented. They are also engaged in 'green issues' which of course can never be monitored and are therefore open to interpretation.

The three main party leaders engage in a peripheral argument and Nick Clegg in particular is being very disingenuous. He is just like Gordon Brown because he never answers a straight question. That means that he is out for himself so as far as I am concerned he is untrustworthy.

Nobody will address the issue of the EU because it is unpalatable. However we cannot support an illegal organisation whose members are bankrupt. Greece and Portugal in particular have shown that the EU is a non starter. It is a socialist organisation (like the Soviet Union was) and their sole intention is always to control.

Why is it that neither NoLab, the Tories or the LibDems ever address the real issues. Millions can be trimmed from our economy by tinkering around the edges BUT the REAL money is poured not only into the EU but also into Foreign Aid. Have you noticed when it comes to millions as opposed to billions then they all dodge around the issues. In fact they never mention it!

In this election the EU is off limits! In this election Foreign Aid is off limits!
In this election the Afghan war is also off limits! They never address these issues and that is why we are being deceived. We must have politicians who are prepared to discuss the real issues. You watch they will never address any of the REAL issues because it is safer to tinker around the edges.

NOW look at the manifestos of a plethara of minority parties who never get an airing. You must remember that it is in the intereest of the European Press barons to support the EU and ignore any opposition. That is why any real opposition gets trashed and well trashed too! Look at the treatment that they meted out to Nick Clegg and he is one of theirs...Nick Clegg is a former Euro MP but even Nick upset the mainstream media and so he was wellied, BUT now perhaps he is actually in charge of the election because if the campaign is 'hung' Clegg holds sway.

I cannot believe that the British public are allowing themselves to be so deceived but then ...many of them don't want to think about it! I suspect that many of them wish for the canditure of Terry Marsh, who some years ago was a boxing world champion and has changed his name by deed poll to ... NONE OF THE ABOVE!

I can understand the attraction but I still hate the thought that we are being denied the truth even weeks before the election and that is by all three Westmonster paries. I sincerely hope that the 'OTHERS' column will, when the time comes, be much

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