Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Has Gorgon been rejected?

There is one thing about northern grandmas...they are determined, generally ludicrously family orientated and above all honest to a point of fault. They will defend their own integrity because if they are wrong then it reflects on their family.

What Gorgon said offended her deeply and it was inconceivable that he would later descend on her modest driveway and embarrass her in front of her neighbours. It absolutely demonstrates that he utterly fails to connect with the very people who are core NoLab voters. I did not coin the phrase 'NoLab' for nothing. These people are in their own political world and they cannot even recognise honesty and integrity.

Face it Gorogon it is time for the single bullet and the glass of whisky. Better still sink a bottle and use a Thompsom Machine gun. You would miss with a single shot!

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