Thursday, 15 April 2010

The Big Debate...

Well that was it! I cannot remember one single original idea... I cannot remember one original thought... a surprise or a shock! The one thing that I do remember is the extraordinary ability of Gorgon Brown to lie with a straight face.

Time after time Brown lied live on TV... you know 'education has improved over the past few years'...he has 'pride in the forces' because 'they are the best equipped' and the best of all that 'our helicopters were not suitable for the terrain'!

Everyone who has any connection with the services knows that Gorgon Brown has been the most implacable enemy of the forces. He has been personally responsible for the lack of everything. He closed down the miilitary hospitals and he has been shamed into acknowledging that the injured soldiers required specialist attention after some were being abused by Muslims in their local hospitals!

I cannot believe that this highly publicised engagement fell so flat! Of course they are all hide bound by the EU. They no longer really have any power so they cannot promise what they cannot deliver. We are now back to the real debate because membership of the EU was never mentioned. I cannot believe that this crucial issue was never even discussed. It is not a done deal. We need to rid ourselves of this illegal and unaudited socialist grouping.

Unfortunately our politicians disagree and those who oppose the EU are never invited to air their views. It is off limits which of course makes the issue ever more challenging. We need to hear more from those who oppose the EU grouping. Unfortunately all we get is Nick Griffin and Nigel Farage who are not the most appealing of our politicians. Eloquent yes but most certainly damaged goods. Yet how many of us has the courage to stand against the mainstream educationalists?

Nuff said!

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