Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The Political Class that we do not deserve...

It is quite ridiculous that our Political Class has once again let the British people down. We are supposed to be Europeans and yet when the British require the assistance from their European partners they spit in our faces. When however, did we ever expect anything else?

We have hundreds of thousands of travellers stranded abroad and a paralysed government incapable of making a decision or even coordinating any form of rescue attempt stutters to the end of their futile regime. Just one act of faith would be a miracle but on the TV News programmes we get 'boy' Milliband. He looks and acts like a little boy lost in a big wide world of reality when he himself exists in a kind of Milliband fantasy world where his brother is responsible for the reaction to climate change.

Has ambition ever outweighed ability? These pathetic, political opportunists have been exposed to every weakness of their abiility. They are useless, they always have been useless, they have been recruited by 'Common Purpose' to destroy everything that we hold dear.

The foreign airlines will expose the regime of Gorgon Brown as routinely incapable of making even the simplest decision and being incapable of reacting to an 'act of nature'. UK citizens have been forced to pay thousands of pounds to return to their homeland without any assistance from their government. I just hope and pray that the people who have never consulted by the pollsters will vote accordingly.

I still believe that NoLab will stitch up the voting system and that somehow Gorgon Brown will still have a hand in our future. Frankly he should be shot but that is for another day!

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