Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Now just supposing...

Now just supposing that NoLab under Gordon Brown had a hidden agenda. Just suppose that there were people in Europe who wanted to occupy England without a shot being fired. Just suppose that there was a secret conference every year whereby powerful bankers, press barons and captains of industry met to decide the agenda for the next year.

Just suppose that the representatives of this unholy alliance had subverted members of the British Parliament so that we as a nation would never have a vote of whether we wanted to join a European Union. A European Union which was intitially entitled a Common Market which would enhance our trade with our neighbours. A Common Market where the public were conned to believe that alcohol, vehicles and everything else would be sold at the same price in very European country!

Now just suppose that these people decided that the the English people would not agree. Just suppose that their comfortable life. where they trusted their neighbours, relied on the police and believed that the family was the cornerstone of their society was under threat. How could anyone subvert that?

Well let's begin with the family... let us encourage all young girls to produce children by the bucket load and every time that they conceive then reward them with cash and a council flat. So... everywhere we have the destruction of the family tree because suddenly we have kids who do not know their fathers and mothers who do not care. Up until this government came to power the British family tree could be traced for centuries.

Now we have a foothold but how can we really impose our will on the English people? We must occupy every influential position in the country with our supporters. How can we do that? Well we can reward people with huge salaries to support out cause but firstly we must create an organisation who will identify the greedy and incompetent. How do we do that? Well we employ a Marxist commutarian (a what?)and we call her Julia and we form an organisation, let's call it for convenience 'Common Purpose'.

Now we have our recruitment engine we can really go to town...bring it on...let's now advertise for 'Outreach Workers' or 'Climate Change Coordinators' or well let's employ a department of people to concoct nebulous titles and let's reward them with huge salaries so that they will depend on us for their lifestyle.

So... we have bought the local government section, we have bought the future parents but how about the police? Easy...we give them so many forms to fill in that they are never on the streets, then we recruit people who are patently incapable of police work. How do we do that? Easy we hamstring them by insisting that the police must now include ethnic minorities. It is quite obvious that the ethnic minority policepeople will go a long way to addressing our crime! After all they are providing the vast majority of the crime that we are seeing today.

Can we imagine, at the election of Tony Blair, that twelve years later gangs of feral black children would be ganging up on one ethnic kid and a feral black female would stab him to death! Not a policeman in sight! Nobody to protect that kid, nobody to stop the girl and nobody from government faintly inerested.

What have we got today? I am watching Newsnight. We are being spoonfed crap! None of the minority parties are being represented. We are being spoonfed the message that only the Westmonster parties count. It is a nonsense! We do not need to vote for them. Their marginals are not our marginals. It is all a con!

Please remember that the greatest threat to our democracy is that organisation called 'Common Purpose'. This emanates from Europe and has to be destroyed. My problem with 'Common Purpose' is that all three Westmonster parties are in thrall to it. Nobody in government even mentions 'Common Purpose' and that is the problem. None of them really represent me and where so I go from here? I have been disenfranchised.

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