Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Civil Servants also on the Gravy Train...

The Daily Mail is today carrying the story of the senior Civil Servants who are walking around brandishing a government credit card which has so far entitled them to squander a billion pounds of taxpayer's money! If it had not been so utterly predictable under this squalid government it would be astonishing!

Along with huge rises in salary for Health chiefs, Police Chiefs and almost everyone else who will consent to prop up the Brown administration we now have Civil Servants with access to our money. I have to presume that the government could not announce huge increases in Civil Service pay so they rewarded their lackeys with a credit card bonus instead.

Surely this has to be illegal? These are government officials with no right to under the counter bonuses. Their salaries are a matter of public knowledge and to 'bribe' them in this manner is more akin to the 'mafia' than a responsible government. Once again however I am disappointed that the opposition parties seem to be reluctant to target this abuse of public funding.

There is so much skullduggery surrounding Gordon Brown that it is quite breathtaking the depths that he will descend in order to remain in power.

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