Wednesday, 28 April 2010

At long last....!!

Now we know what we have all along suspected. Gordon Brown is an incompetent phoney. In one unguarded moment his whole campaign collapsed and he is totally to blame. He has been exposed for what he has always been, a bullying liar. He was seen to react so utterly without reason to the genuine concerns from an ordinary decent member of the public that now we all know that this man can never lead the country again.

The scene was set. NoLab party members tried once again to stage manage another media appearance for the PM without actually meeting any members of the public! His last meeting with a member of the public ended with him running into a waiting car. This time he met a female pensioner from Rochdale who had some genuine concerns and expressed them. She had accidently stumbled across the media opportunity! The joke is that like so many others in that part of the world she is a NoLab voter who was concerned about, her pension, the national debt and immigration! You know the very issues which politicians ignore and the electorate wants answers to.

Then the gaffe! If Gorgon Brown does not immediately resign he has no shame. He has let down his party and his supporters because if the working class NoLab supporters do not realise that they have been conned then this one gaffe exposes them to it. In one monumental, dreadful, iconic moment the PM has destroyed all credibility of the NoLab party and it has also shown him in a true light.

His personal characteristics have also been exposed. In true NoLab fashion he blames everyone but himself. He bears no responsibility for anything (apart of course from destroying the economy of the country) and always blames someone else. He did this with the economy, the war in Afghanistan and frankly almost every other disaster that he has engineered upon himself. At long last the public who support NoLab by putting their hands over their eyes, ears and mouth cannot ignore what he is! A total prat!

Now you all know how he despises the working class. Now you all know how he rejects all opposition. He is a bully and a liar and now everyone knows it! Hallelujah!

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