Monday, 12 April 2010

Are they hiding from the public?

I have just seen on SKY news that David Cameron visited Loughborough today! Their reporter caught him on the Loughborough railway station platform on his way out of the constituency! Well great, so where had he been and who did he talk to and why were the electorate not informed of this visit well in advance?

These politicians should be made to publish their daily whereabouts so that they can receive the greetings that they deserve. At the moment they are hiding from the public. It is a well known Brown ploy that they wheel out as many party activists as they can muster so that he can bask in their rapturous applause and is untroubled by the great unwashed. He wouldn't want any further embarrassing encounters with the general public after being chased to his car by one lone voter asking a pretty simple question.

All we are getting is a daily diet of who will slash what and when. We get nothing on the burning questions of the day like, Europe, Immigration, Foreign Aid, the bloated public sector and the salaries of the bloated public sector and the lack of police.

Now Gorgon says he wants to champion the middle class! Well I must admit it would be nice for any politician to champion the middle class but after 13 years of NoLab misrule it's a bit late to start now. His soundbytes and platitudes fool nobody who has not got a vested interest in voting to maintain their job.

Outside of the political bubble and the mainstream media forces excluded from their polls are on the march. For example the City of Stoke must be bracing itself for a BNP attack and the county of Essex hosts a hugely disgruntled indigenous population.
The BNP, UKIP and the Democratic Alliance hardly get a mention but it is these parties who are objecting to the European scandal where we now face a £600 million bill to keep Greece solvent! This is the same Greece which has awarded its citizens pensions worth three times as much as our own citzens receive.

No bloody wonder that their socialist government has bankrupted them and don't think that Gordon couldn't do it here. The difference will be that nobody will bail us out! Roll on 6th May - let's just get it done!

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