Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The Shame of the UK

I am currently watching SKY news and I cannot believe the chaos that the government and Gorgon Brown in particular have caused by the premature announcement that 100 coaches were available in Madrid to bring stranded passengers back home. These coaches have yet to be assembled and are still well over 24 hours from reaching Madrid!

This PM cannot sink any lower. It has taken him and his jaundiced Cabinet six days to come up with any form of plan to assist Uk citizens. He now calls a team of 3 Foreign Office officials a 'rapid reaction' force. What is paid about this nonsense?
Why on earth have they not approached the Spanish authorities for assistance? He is the great europhile. He so wants to be bloody European and yet he has so little authority that our people are left to starve while he twiddles his options.

Will even this not demonstrate once and for all to the prospective NOLab voters that we need to rid ourselves of this imposter on 6th May. I just have this recurring nightmare that on 7th May he might still be there in one guise or another.

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