Monday, 5 April 2010

The greed of the Political Class...

It is quite impossible to equate the greed of the Political Class with the plight of the country. There are reports everywhere illustrating the unbelieveable avarice of the Political Class, the very people who have brought politics in this country to a new impossible low.

The mainstream media are reporting incredible retirement rewards for the very people who have brought British politics to an entirely new low. Individuals who should actually be facing jail sentences are being rewarded with millions in some kind of weird compensation/retirement scheme. It is obscene and corrupt and disgusting but still the select few continue to plunder the public purse with impunity! Nobody ever bothers to explain to the long suffering public who decided that these obscene amounts are justified.

Now tell me when have you ever heard any of the Westmonster political parties address this obscenity and soon they will be asking for your vote. ASK THEM HOW THEY JUSTIFY THEIR RETIREMENT PENSIONS! The reason is that there are even more anomalies in the public purse because The Taxpayers Alliance report that 1250 people working in Local Government earn in excess of £100.000 and a further 166 earn more than £15000!

This is incredible! It is not that lon ago that I worked in Local Government and I know that nobody earned anywhere near £100K a year so how did this happen? When did the salaries of Chief Executuve Officers go through the roof without the public realising it? It is unsustainable without the nation going bankrupt...oh yes I forgot..we are already bankrupt and now we know why.

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