Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Power to the people....!!

Great idea Dave...we are all waiting to have referendums on our Police, our Schools and our Post Offices. Yes why not join in with the Conservative party to rule the country so that we all have our say.

Just one problem...what about the referendum that matters? If you seriously want public participation Dave then why not give us the referendum that really matters? Why, if you are so intent on this course of action (which to me personally sounds like another Political Class soundbyte), do you refuse the public a referendum on Europe?

Sorry the bottom line in this country is that we want a say in our future. We actually recognise that we have been quite deliberately denied a vote on Europe. The Political Class can posture all that they want, they can debate all kinds of puerile local issues but NoLab, the Tories and the LibDems are colluding to deny the British public the very vote that is critical to our future.

Until one of them relents then none of them have a mandate to lead this country!

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