Thursday, 1 April 2010


Every person in every household that I speak to feels disenfranchised. None of us want what we are being offered. Frankly Gorgon Brown and his cronies have bullied their way into Downing Street and he can cheat and lie all he likes but he is despised by the majority of the people on the street.

Yes he can garner the votes of the Unions, the Muslims, the SPADS, the benefit cheats and all those who depend on him for their high life but...the rest of us would never, ever in their life give him a second glance. He is a failure, a fraud, an overpromoted, overambitious, unprincipled marxist who has used every tool available to bully, bribe and threaten his way into power.

So having got that off my chest let me tackle David Cameron. I well remember how fiercely I condemned the Tories at the fag end of their horrendous twenty years of power. To be honest if I had known what Blair/Brown had in stall for us I would have probably voted,no that is a joke.. not very funny I know but hell where do we go from here?

David Cameron had an opportunity to revitalise the Tory party but gave it the big bodyswerve. He has consistently ignored public opinion and refused to attack Gorgon Brown to such an extent that Gorgon has been allowed to make a fool of him at PM's Question Time! I ask myself why?

The huge bogey man of British politics is the European Union. They are all in thrall of the unelected, unaudited, undemocratic union which has taken over our lives. We spend a fortune to keep this union alive. The Political Class owe everything to this abhorrant abberation, The thinking public know that it is wrong. We know that the Political Class (you know every political party that infests Westmonster) has denied the public a vote on our membership of the European Union. Why? They bloody know why because we would destroy their silly little game.

The next election has to be a referendum on Europe. I know that I go on and on but it is so important.. this is our chance of a referendum... please vote for anyone opposing the EU. If you vote like that you can be assured that we may still have a future. If you vote for the traditional parties then you condemn us to yet another five years of EU domination. Please think about it!

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