Wednesday, 14 April 2010

We want our country back...!

It is plain that the vast majority of the electorate are quite confused. Traditionally we have voted for Labour (the working class) or Conservative (the ruling class) or if you wanted to protest then the Liberals (bottom of the class). What now? New Labour do not represent the working class anymore in fact they have deserted the working class. The Tories are no longer conservative

Well much of this electorate just want one thing. We want our country back! We have been sold down the river by a Marxist NoLab government who all along only had one agenda and that was to destroy our society. At every turn they have ruined and corrupted everything that we hold dear. For the past thirteen years their agenda had only one ruin the typical lifestyle of the average English person. So now we have no freedom, we cannot express an opinion, a thought or an action because we have become so heavily censored by Gordon Brown and Ed Balls that we are probably worse off now than the average East German ever was!

Now along come the opposition in the shape of David Cameron and Nick Clegg. They have an open goal! The Marxists have ruined our society so all they have to do is promise to repair it! Easy we close our porrous borders, we pull out of Europe, we sort out the immigration problem and we go back to being in control of our own destiny which means that we put the police back onto the streets!

NOW do we hear any of that? Do we hear even a hint that the three major parties are addressing our problems? Not on your nelly duff because they are all in the same lobby. We all know that Gorgon sneaked off to Lisbon to endorse a treaty which we were never allowed to vote on. Cameron should immediately allow the public a referendum on the EU but refuses the most crucial vote ever and Clegg... nice pretty boy but bought by the EU! That is why Cameron and Clegg are leading their parties rather than David Davies and Chris Huhne. They have been bought and paid for. They are EU stooges.

So in Westmonster we have a collection of EU stooges who have no intention of giving us our country back. Heh is that not the best excuse to kick the s**t out of the smug bastards? The opinion polls currently reflect confusion but they still insist that the the 'others' poll only 13% of the overall vote.

Now I have burned my fingers before by suggesting that the BNP vote would be larger BUT this time the people are really pissed off. The result is that we have a plethara of smaller parties hoping for the 'I am pissed off vote'.

Time to change the country and vote for a hung Parliament because I for one have had enough of the Political Class. They are exposed as the corrupt offspring of the EU and as a result corruption is endemic in every aspect of public service. It matters not where we look, witness the Justice system under Jack Straw and the witless decisions of the CPS where they endlessly pick on soft targets and ignore mass sexual assault by feral Romany youths on a lone and defenceless teenage girl.

Look at the performances of the overpaid, useless Chief Constables in counties like Nottinghamshire where the force is so badly run that assistance has to be drafted in to improve performance and yet the real culprit is allowed to retain her job!

Take the Marxist run BBC, once the pride of the press corps and now reduced to hiding news they don't want you to know. The lone protestor who pursued Gorgon Brown through the crowds last week in London was headline news on SKY and ITV news programmes and was ignored by the BBC. This is par for the BBC and I have long since lost faith in their ability to deliver impartial news coverage.

The impartiality of the Civil Service has been a myth ever since Tony Bliar arrived on the scene and replaced men steeped in integrity with useless Common Purpose recruited Special Advisors whose sole purpose was to ensure that the will of the EU was imposed on the people.

Look at the horrendous mess that once was the Social Services! Case after case of nauseating child abuse continually passes them by exposing those recruited as poorly trained and badly led. The NHS swallows astronomical amounts and yet many of the hugely overpaid Chief Executives could not prevent people dying because the hospitals did not ensure that cleaning was monitored thus allowing infection and disease to spread unchecked for years.

It is in this climate of a monstrous waste of the country's resources that the opposition parties cannot seem to amount a lethal attack on s thoroughly disliked and deeply unpopular Prime Minister. He has been abysmal in everything that he has tackled and yet David Cameron in particular fails to embarrass him and strip away the facade of competence.

We desperately need a change of direction...backwards! Let's hope that one day soon someone will come and release us from this nightmare but I can't see him standing in fromt of the TV cameras at 9pm this evening.

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