Thursday, 8 April 2010

Decisions, Decisions...!

Now we know that my home town has four candidates for the next election. We can either vote for Andy Reed (No Lab) who has really been an good constituency MP but failed to make his mark nationally. We could vote Conservative but I back off that option because I personally have not recovered from their previous performance.

I cannot understand why Cameron does not discuss Europe because he must know that many voters do not want any involvement with an unaudited, illegal, corrupt organisation which costs us £45 billion per day. He will not confront the issues which so many people want addressed. Political correctness, police absence from our streets, sex education, health, welfare or even the boom and bust enigma which Gorgon Brown so often trumpeted and then denied.

So in Loughborough, if you want to extract the country from Europe, we have a choice between UKIP and the BNP! Where do we go from here? Remember Loughborough is a target marginal. Andy Reed has the lowest majority of any East Midlands MP. I know that many of my ageing friends are so disgusted with the performance of the Westmonster MPs that they are prepared to vote against the grain. That actually may be good news for Andy Reed but he must be aware that here in Leicestershire we have a really strong BNP lobby.

Time will tell, it should be a straight fight between the Tories and NoLab but people around here are very pissed off. Could that mean a really interesting outcome?

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