Monday, 19 April 2010

Vote Clegg get Brown...?

I must admit that since I last posted events have taken a turn that I never expected. Through my eyes the leader's debate was a waste of time but then we here in our third world state have developed a naivety which is hard to credit. Policies don't seem to matter anymore because style is more important than conviction.

Nick Clegg is a relatively young, personable political leader of dubious background. He is yet another politician who has emerged from a very mixed personal, political background (like the Millibands) and is a dyed in the wool Europhile. Nick Clegg would go further than Gorgon Brown in his quest to turn the UK into a European satellite. He wants us to adopt the Euro. Yes I know that he came across very well and he looked good and he stated the obvious which appealed to the shallow amongst us but... Gorgon Brown is not 'agreeing with NIck' for nothing.

I think that Gorgon who, as we well know, should be dead and buried and consigned to the political dustbin, sees Clegg as a heaven sent lifeline! Be very afraid because NoLab has organised this election to give themselves maximum advantage. They have gerrymandered the boundaries, 'adjusted' the postal vote and ensured that even our soldiers in Afghanistan cannot vote (they are 93% against NoLab) so perhaps everyone must now think again!

I am reluctantly beginning to think that David Cameron is the only person capable of ridding us of this NoLab nonsense and make no mistake that would be my first quest. If the threat of Clegg keeps Brown close to power then sorry Nick you are a real danger to our future.

I would prefer to give my vote to a minority party, many of whom are struggling to overcome a lack of any form of mainstream media coverage, but getting rid of Brown has to be priority. He is the worst PM that we have ever, ever had. Take the recent volcanic pollution which has so effected everyone... our citizens and our aviation industry were left high and dry by a government which cares more for political survival than the country. While the citizens faced an unprecedented situation the government were campaigning. It has taken them days and days to realise that their political survival is of little consequence if the country is bankrupt!

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