Thursday, 26 March 2009

Yet Another Police Apology!

I must admit I am getting heartily sick of watching some muppet dressed up in police braid apologising to the public for yet another example of police fecklessness. Time after time a dangerous felon has been allowed to prey on the public for months on end despite clear evidence that he should have been behind bars.

We all realise that in this day and age the police are only interested in political correctness,diversity and box ticking. The papers are continually crammed with stories of police not responding to requests for help from the public. As a result burglars and robbers are having a field day.

It will continue until someone rids each force of the 'Common Purpose' appointments. In the meantime the worst 'hate' crime is taking the law into your own hands because the police have let you down. It is always without exception the victim who gets charged. It is a joke but it is not very funny and we are paying for it some of us with our lives. We should not accept the apology and demand reparation.

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