Sunday, 15 March 2009

The Family

Yesterday evening my wife and I attended a wedding reception. The event was to celebrate the wedding of the youngest son of our friends. The bridegroom's mother is my wife's best friend and her husband is as fine a chap as I have ever met (I hope the old rogue doesn't read this). We served in the forces together and so our families grew up under similar circumstances.

Yesterday evening was a lovely occasion with a group of normal, respectable, like minded people gathering out of friendship. For a brief moment the problems of the country receded but underlying the party people were talking quietly and there is no doubt that everyone is concerned about the state of the country. On more than one occasion I heard people say, "I only want a fair deal but we are not getting one."

This is the frustration of decent people. These people are not bigots, racists or political activists but they are beginning to look at any alternative to Westminster politics. Oh for a leader; if you don't show up soon Winston we might just get Adolf. Mind you Adolf versus Mugabe would be a much more interesting sideshow than the current Mugabe versus Cameron.

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