Saturday, 21 March 2009

Short Term Detention Project

One aspect of blogging that I have to admire is the ability of some of the contributors to see through the antics of this discredited government and uncover the hidden agenda behind innocent looking pronouncements.

The Blog 'Old Holborn' is a great example because some time ago he spotted an advert searching for Project Evaluators for a Short Term Detention Project. Apparently the Home Office is looking to reopen mothballed Police Stations close to Motorways and city centres. For the details check out his Blog because he deserves your patronage.

He then noticed a tenfold rise in the capital expenditure for the local police authority in his Council Tax and queried it. He was initially informed that it was for a refurbishment programme but after pressing for more information it was admitted that it was to build detention centres.

The project is to be completed by June 2009. Why do they think that they will need these facilities this year? Do they expect civil disobedience? What are they going to do to create this social tension? Are things SO bad that they know the people will take to the streets?

I hate my thoughts. There is no need for any strife on our streets. All we want is fair play for everyone. All the British have always wanted is a fair deal but there are those who are not satisfied with that. I seriously hope that Gordon Brown is not preparing for some kind of civil war but I am afraid I continue to mistrust the Political Class.

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