Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Gordon Brown - the end of the Road?

He is under pressure from almost everyone. He was pillaged in the European Parliament and the Governor of the Bank of England has had an unprecedented meeting with Her Majesty. The President of the European Union reckons that his policies are the 'the road to hell'.

The truth is that people who want to manipulate fact for political ends will never win. The European Union is a lie. It has not passed an audit for 14 years and therefore it is an illegal organisation. The Irish (the only people who have been given a vote) knew that it was wrong and yet their democratic vote will be ignored.

It costs us billions every year and we, the British, never gain a penny back because the socialist ethic behind this so called market insists that wealth must be redistributed. Why then do the three major parties in Westminster insist that the European Union is a viable proposition?

The only reason has to be that they are all in the same club. They know that it is their eventual salvation because when the country is done with them they will all disappear into the European sunset, like the Kinnocks did, and make a fortune.

Gordon has been rumbled! He has been rumbled by the public, the Queen, the Bank of England, the European Union and the United States. He is isolated but he cannot be replaced because the Socialists do not have a leader in waiting. Tony Blair who has in hindsight been so discredited won the last election because he duped the electorate by his acting potential.

Gordon will cling on to the last possible moment because he is addicted to the power but in the meantime this incompetent 'phoney' clings to the position when even he must know that his continual presence will ruin the country.

Gordon Brown is prepared to destroy the economy of a country because he will not admit that he is wrong. These charges that he is psychologically 'flawed' are beginning to strike home. We are all doomed until NoLab replaces this idiot. The trouble is that if Gordon Brown is replaced then all the other phonies are exposed to the electorate. If Gordon Brown is wrong then Ed Balls is wrong, and Jack Straw is wrong and then the Millibands are what we know they are.

The NoLab bubble is wrong, the Common Purpose approach, the Quangos,the Trusts the Committees, they are now all exposed. The Fabian NoLab fraud will unravel if Gordon Brown is ever deposed so he is bomb proof! It will take an honest election to get rid of this imposter. We will never get an honest election if Gordon and his supporters get their way. They will manipulate everything because they are desperate.

He grins desperately at the European Parliament. He swans around the world hoping for support. Even the Queen is talking behind his back because he will never know what her and Mervyn King spoke about but I tell you what they did not meet because they loved Gordon Brown!

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