Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Continuing Mass Immigration

The useless Immigration Minister (Derek Woolass) appeared on GMTV this morning and was given a soft time by Kate Garroway (Mrs Derek Draper NoLab Spinmeister). Even she however managed to pierce the sham of our immigration policy when he was forced to admit that this government still has no accurate figures on immigration.

We have queues of migrants lining up in France and being encouraged to pass straight through and head for Britain. There are thousands of them, some so young that they could not work in this country and would have to be supported at state expense. It is chilling.

This government has no definitive plan to control immigration. When asked about the problem the Immigration Minister likened our situation to that of Mexicans trying to get into the United States. He conveniently forgets that Mexico has a very long border with the United States and that the USA has an extremely tough attitude to immigration. Our immigrants are coming half way across the world to live off our taxpayers. He lives in a world of spin and thinks that we are all as naive as he is. NoLab has plenty of targets but no active policies.

At one time I worked in an Asylum Appeals Centre and when we began our work in 2000 there wasn't any kind of cohesive computer system to monitor the immigrants. To be honest there was no organised system anywhere in the country. NoLab has always been technologically incompetent. They do not understand modern science probably because most of them have never had a job in industry. Shop stewardship does not qualify.

This is a major issue and yet we still cannot get NoLab to take it seriously. I hope that they rue the day soon. A year ago I blogged that by the time we get rid of Gordon Brown it may be too late for the country. I fear that I was right.

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