Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Wanstead By-Election

The Westminster Three have apparently combined against the BNP in the forthcoming Wanstead By-Election for the Redbridge Council. They have united to condemn the only party who disagrees with their discredited policies. The local newspaper has deleted all the comments supporting the BNP and only published those who support the Westminster Three.

It is this rampant discrimination which is forcing people to vote for the BNP. How can they ignore their own perceived differences purely to attack a minor opposition party. The word 'fear' comes to mind. Hopefully the electorate in Wanstead are not as hopelessly blinkered as those in say St Helens.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the three Westminster parties are in league with one another in an attempt to stop any withdrawal from Europe. The European Union has not passed an audit for fourteen years and yet none of our politicians think that this should be challenged. We continue to pour billions every year into this 'illegal' organisation which only favours a political class.

How can we get this message to the electorate in general. I have yet to commit myself to the BNP but they are the only party left who have the guts and the organisation to take the battle to the enemies of this country. Westminister used to be the home of democracy. After 60 years of NoLab versus the Tories (supported by the token LibDems) it is time we shook the place up. The problem is that if we do, then those who really run the country (not the elected MPs)will ensure that we have a bumpy ride.

The money men will not release their grip on our politicians readily. Our young people may have to get ready to fight for the country within the country. I know, I know...I am talking rubbish...it could not happen here...this is England after all...so why should our three main political parties forget their perceived differences to squash a minor irritation like the BNP in a local by-election?

Why indeed?

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