Sunday, 15 March 2009

The Social Services

Throughout November and December of last year the country had to live out the nauseating details of the 'Baby P'case where the Haringey Social Services demonstrated their wanton incompetence by adhering to government targets rather than protecting their vulnerable kids.

I write at the time that I could not believe the antics of Sharon Shoesmith who was supposedly in charge of this charade and paying handsomely to cock it up. I don't think any of us could believe how she continued to trumpet the NoLab mantra and seemed unconcerned about the suffering kids.

Today, predictably, she is now trying to sue Haringey Council for anything that she thinks that she might get away with. At the moment her NoLab lawyers have come up with sex discrimination. As I said before she should be in jail but no doubt she will walk away with thousands in compensation for failing in her duty.

The trouble is that she is only part of the problem. She was actually only doing what she was told to do. There are thousands of these NoLab slaves earning huge sums of our money for doing what they are told to do. The real problem is of course Ed Balls because he has imposed the targets on these muppets so that common sense is replaced by dogma. I often wonder how he can sleep at night but then like President Mugabe the lives of the taxpayer is cheap. What matters is power so why the children of the nation die the NoLab project continues apace bowing to no man despite the tragic consequences.

Do you know I can almost understand them but what I really cannot understand is how a family man like David Cameron has never announced plans to dismantle the NoLab machine and get us back to common sense. Come to think of it neither has the LibDems but then Nick Clegg is really only a cardboard cutout. Where will it all end?

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