Friday, 27 March 2009

A National Embarrassment

I have never seen the British spirit so extinguished. Everywhere we look we have become browbeaten and cowed to such an extent that it takes a Sri Lankan immigrant to stand up for us.

We mistrust and abhor our cheating, grasping, unworthy politicians. We have lost faith in the police and now actually fear their sense of fair play. We know that the Justice system under the CPS is failing us.

We cannot halt the mass immigration which is changing the face of our country to such an extent that the education of our children is being hindered and we, who have founded and paid for the NHS, now stand behind people who cannot even speak English. If we complain we are dubbed racists.

We have lost our natural leaders. The Aristocracy, the Royals, the Clergy and the Military have all been subverted, converted and neutered by the subversive and corrosive left wing ideologists. We see it everywhere that we look. We cannot find a leader who will challenge the Fabian left wing creeping paralysis. When a lone voice like Daniel Hannen tells Gordon Brown the truth he is hailed as a hero in the Blogosphere but is almost ignored by the mainstream media.

The BNP, a legal political party, stands against the European Union and is currently the lone voice advocating that the indigenous population of the UK should have priority for the services that they have generally manned, improved and paid for. In response they are reviled and recently have been physically attacked by thugs purporting to be anti fascist but in reality they resemble the Brown Shirt brigade favoured by Adolf Hitler.

Our Prime Minister is a national embarrassment. He continually grins like some kind of girning contestant. He is being attacked on all sides. He is the PM who cannot tie a tie who bites his nails and picks his nose in public. He is lacking style, class and charisma. His much vaunted reputation for financial prudence is in tatters and without that he is nothing.

When Daniel Hannen stood up in the European Parliament and revealed the truth about Gordon Brown he brought to mind the fable 'The King is in the altogether' because single handedly he stripped Gordon Brown of his cover. Suddenly the emperor was naked! This previously unheard of Tory MEP did the unthinkable. He told the truth!

Our Prime Minister is in fact a national embarrassment and the world will line up to give him a kicking. He is almost desperate (I cringe whenever I see them together) to ingratiate himself to Barack Obama because the US President is probably the only person to give him the time of day. If he loses that support then he is done for because his predecessor, Tony Blair, has all the characteristics that he lacks.

Tony Blair is smartly dressed, he ties a tie, he doesn't bite his nails and he doesn't chew snot in public. Of course we all know that apparently Tony Blair is a war criminal but in the litany of NoLab crimes that is probably small beer. Despite that we have to find a way to dispose of Gordon Brown. If we do not get rid of him and his crazy pronouncements on the economy then we will all suffer a fate akin to the Zimbabweans.

Please do not say that it could not happen here because everything else has and we have done nothing to oppose it.

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