Monday, 16 March 2009

VMB's Election Poll

I recently added in the election results which took place on 12 March. There were seven of them in total and once again they were a really mixed bag. I must admit that I am surprised because I expected that the electorate would want to give Gordon Brown a really bad kicking but there is a hard core of NoLab voters who despite everything continue to vote Labour.

They have seen the economy crash, unemployment boom, soldiers killed, mass unaccountable immigration, disastrous Social Services performance, the breakdown of law and order in many areas, the corruption of the Police, the politicisation of the Civil Service and Labour MPs taking every advantage of a system that they created and yet they still vote Labour! It is incomprehensible!

Take the city of St Helens. Now I know that it is a fairly sizable municipal borough on the outskirts of Liverpool and I realise that, in the past, when we had a manufacturing base these large northern cities were the bedrock of NoLab support. Today however this has all but evaporated. NoLab does not represent them anymore but the message just has not got through.

This is how it stands overall as at 12 March:-

NoLab 24.61%
Conservatives 24.02%
LibDems 19.24%
BNP 17.19%
Greens 5.77%
Independents 6.85%
UKIP 2.33%

According to this Gordon could almost risk an election but the stats are often misleading. The reason for this lead is purely down to heavy polls in certain areas. The hard line union vote still exists in the heartlands. The immigrant population also realise that only NoLab would probably put them first before anyone else so they also know where to place their little cross.

The rest of us seem confused. Three parties are grabbing 60% of the vote which almost guarantees a hung parliament. Somebody has to make a major pitch in the coming months to garner that vote. I believe that the party which may be squeezed in the run up to a National election are the LibDems. They traditional poll well at local level but when the chips are down their 'protest' vote evaporates.

The real choice appears to be do we vote nice or nasty? Do we really want change or are we scared of it? Are we yet desperate enough to think the unthinkable or will we continue with the same old slags who have let us down so often and so regularly?

I will continue to update on how we are voting every time we get the opportunity.

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