Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Muslims insulting British Troops!

I am just watching ITV news and I am absolutely incensed that a small vocal group of Muslims have been allowed to insult our troops on the streets of Luton. As usual our useless police allowed this group to protest unmolested when at the very least they should have been arrested for insulting behaviour.

Personally I think it would have been better if the the police had quietly left (like they usually do when the going gets rough) and allowed natural justice to take place.

That said all the participants have been clearly seen on camera and so I expect that arrests will soon take place (Yeah and pigs might fly) but if the roles had been reversed then we all know the consequences. It is this unfairness and inconsistency which shames us all. It is the reason that the BNP are flourishing in many areas and our Justice Minister(you remember Jack Straw) should now take the appropriate action.

There is only one snag his position at Westminster depends on the votes from the Muslim electorate in Blackburn. Oh well... so how about that bit of natural justice because until we shut them up they will think that we are cowards and of course they would be right. The more we are forced to ignore them the more they will gain strength. It is time for action guys.

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