Saturday, 28 March 2009


There is every possibility that next week the protests in London could turn nasty. There is no doubt that that the government will deploy as many police as they believe is necessary to maintain control.

But what happens if the 'Old Bill' fail to retain control? Where do we go from there?
What happens if the activists drive them back and I understand that the Salvation Army are amongst the aggressors.

Have we become so desperate that the Salvation Army has to protest against the government? Who will join this protest? Will we see pensioners and if we do what treatment will they get from Jacqui Smith's Gestapo? I fear that the government is so desperate to quell any semblance of disquiet that we may see scenes on the street of London that we have never ever seen believeable.

The character of this nation will never allow the Fabian Left wing to totally dominate us. We are ridiculously complacent. We never believe that anyone could threaten our pleasant little lifestyles but... it is happening. They tell us not to tell British cultural jokes. They tell us that we cannot repel thieves from our homes. They tell us that we are stuffed as Englishmen... but next week I really hope enough people have the guts to protest, quietly, with dignity against 'Mugabe' Brown.

Do you know I firmly believe that the 'Mugabe' police will overract and then the people will overract and then God help us! I sincerely hope that I am wrong but the police have been educated us to believe that they are the successors to the Gestapo, There are forces amongst us who want Civil War and I suspect, regrettably, that they will get their wish.

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