Friday, 20 March 2009

Our Country at the Crossroads!

Since my post yesterday I have had some education. I have toured up and down the net being passed from website to blog trying to discover the menace in our society. I have long believed that England as a country was under threat from within Europe but I never believed that the threat was so far advanced and so well planned and so imminent.

Like most other people I believed that the threat of the Communist/Marxist lobby had died with the demise of the Soviet Union/East Germany where the socialist experiment failed miserably. I also thought that the days of the well-heeled traitor, those born with their silver spoon stuck firmly in their mouth who have enjoyed the best of educations but who are quite prepared for idealogical reasons to renege on their birthright had also disappeared.

I was wrong. They are still here and they are working tirelessly to destroy our country. They have already destroyed the democratic process and unless we wake up very soon and start to play hard ball then we will sleepwalk into a European Super State ruled by a Political Class which we will never get rid of.

Freedom is never won easily and in our case I am beginning to believe that it will eventually be won on the streets. If you are in doubt about the extent of the problem then visit the 'Stop Common Purpose' site and then visit the comments responding to the articles on the BNP site.

I have come on the scene far too late. Like so many others I have tolerated the global warming nonsense, the lack of a referendum on Europe, the destruction of the justice system, the sexualisation of our young kids and the rise of the town hall mafia that now I won't believe anyone.

I have tiptoed around the BNP problem for some time but now I have come to the conclusion that they are the only salvation/opposition to the Common Purpose/Westminster/EU brigade. I have read enough today which makes me believe that Gordon Brown/David Cameron/Nick Clegg are one and the same and have no love for the English people.

We are at a crossroads people but have we the stomach and the fortitude of our forefathers if push comes to shove? When our government asks for help from the EU because the British are protesting peacefully on the streets and their police cannot cope how will you react? Remember our troops have been distracted to Afghanistan so it would be justifiable to ask for armed help from the EU! If we ever let armed EU police onto our streets then we may have well capitulated to Adolf Hitler because the result would be the same.

Sorry folks but this is purely a personal reaction to what I have seen coming for some time but like most of you I have ignored it. To some people this is not a game because they are playing for keeps. They have swamped us with immigration and we put up with everything because to be honest the British Public have lost their courage. However don't we owe it to the 150 soldiers who have lost their lives in Afghanistan and the thousands who have returned injured to start to fight back?

We all know that what is happening is wrong. We talk about it in every household.
Every time we open a newspaper we are disgusted. Now is the time to stop burying our heads in the sand. Prepare to defend your nation for the sake of your kids and grandkids.

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