Sunday, 29 March 2009

Jacqui Smith

Does absolutely nothing shame this NoLab government? The Home Secretary's husband is allegedly claiming for adult movies at public expense and she continues in her position as if nothing has happened.

She has already been outed for false claims on a second home and her department continues to come under public scrutiny for under achievement but the Home Secretary does not consider resignation.

It is mind bogglingly unbelievable! It now appears that no standards remain in public life. Grab what you can, shaft who you want but no matter what, do not resign your position. Stand in front of television crews and apologise, even beg for mercy, explain that your actions have not caused the death of any individuals, do whatever you have to do but do not resign!

If you resign then you are shafted! If you don't resign then you are following the party line. You are supporting your PM, your colleagues, the government and absolutely to hell with the electorate. After all they still have another eighteen months left to gorge themselves at public expense.

They have lost all moral authority and yet the main stream media continue to court them as celebrities who have a right to preach to the rest of us as opposed to the scum that they actually are. Where will it all end?

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