Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Honesty, Integrity and Trust!

Every day as a news junkie I watch the final days of probably the most inept government ever slowly grinding to a faltering close (unless you live in St Helens of course). Today the leader of the jittery opposition was ordered by the speaker to withdraw the comment that the PM was a 'phoney'!

'Phoney'! I can think of a hundred names worse than 'phoney' to describe 'Mugabe' Brown the worst Prime Minister this country has ever been saddled with but who we have thoroughly deserved. We have sleep walked into the twenty first century with a complacency of people who have been so arrogant that we refuse to believe that our nation, our traditional ideas, our heritage has been destroyed in twelve unbelievable years of treachery and incompetence.

When I grew up I had a network of support and trust which I knew would not fail me.
I had two parents of different sex and I also had grandparents who I knew loved me. They were all in employment and always had been. None of my family drew benefits but none owned their own house. I was the first person in my family history who owned his own house and my son is the first who has been educated to degree level and he is past 35. There are no silver spoons in my family!

So my eldest granddaughter has just turned eight years of age and who can she trust? She is very lucky because she has a very supportive family but who else can she trust? Can she trust her education? Can she trust the police? Can she trust the Civil Service to safeguard her personal details? Can she trust her MP? Can she trust lawyers or the CPS to give her a fair deal? If she is ill can she trust the NHS? Can she trust banks to safeguard her money?

Are you getting the picture? The United Kingdom is riddled with corruption and unfortunately political corruption is at the height of the agenda. We actually cannot trust anything or anyone. They are all 'at it' and with the collapse of the financial services which will affect us all it is difficult to know who or where we turn to.

We now have the government printing money like Mugabe does in Zimbabwe. Everything else is collapsing and we have to sit back and watch 'Mugabe' Brown trumpet his tractor statistics every Wednesday at PM's Question Time. Cameron should have refused to withdraw the comment 'phoney'. He should have substituted another expletive like 'traiterous F****** Bas****' and then walked out before he was named. That would have won him the next election! As it is he refuses to place the ball into the open goal because only by absolutely embarrassing 'Tractor' Brown will he prick the bubble.

Gawd help us!

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