Saturday, 21 March 2009

Terrorism - who do they mean?

I watched the Fat Lodger (Jacqui Smith) on the news tonight talking about her response to terrorism. She was talking about calling upon European partners to help with the war on terrorism, It sounded so honest, so kosher, so up front but then I would not trust a word which comes out of that woman's mouth.

She talks about terrorists. We all assume that she means the extreme Muslims who have always threatened our society. We would always assume that any measures to curb their activities would be welcomed, But then does she really mean them? After all this government has bent over backwards to accommodate the Muslims who really threaten us. We all saw the pictures of the police defending the Muslim extremists who thought it right and proper to abuse our returning troops from Afghanistan when they paraded through Luton.

So it is hardly likely that she means the Muslim extremists so who is she afraid of? Does she really mean people who disagree with the NoLab government... you know people like you or me? Is she building up to confront you and me? Would she really call upon the Eurocop to subdue any protest by you or me? That means the armed Eurocop by the way.

Are we the terrorists that NoLab fear?

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