Friday, 13 March 2009

VMB's Election Poll

I just updated the Victor Meldrew's Brother Election Poll. I have now included the results from local elections held on 26 Feb and 05 Mar and the total number of votes cast for each party so far this year is as follows:-

Conservative 24498
NoLab 19054
LibDems 15658
BNP 6458
Greens 1901
Independents (Combined) 2627
UKIP 367

As I explained before I then divided the number of votes by the number of elections fought to gain the average number of votes polled in each election which I then converted into a percentage of the vote that each party gained.

Conservative 569.72 25.33%
NoLab 501.42 22.3%
BNP 430.53 19.14%
LibDems 401.49 17.85%
Independents 164.19 7.3%
Greens 135.78 6.04%
UKIP 45.87 2.04%

This is how people have actually voted and not what the professional pollsters are trying to tell you. Nowhere has it been reported that in real terms the BNP are overtaking the LibDems. It is also significant that the European Elections are fought on the terms of proportional representation. This means that each party will receive seats in line with the percentage of votes that have been cast for them.

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