Sunday, 22 March 2009

VMB's Election Poll

I have now included the election results for 19 March. There were a total of five local by elections and no real surprises. As the percentages show the NoLab support in the large connorbations is keeping them in the race. It doesn't seem to matter how they perform (or don't), how many of them are caught abusing their privileges nothing can shake this blinkered core vote.

Today the News of the World carried an editorial once again attacking the BNP and warning that if they attract 5% of the vote then they could send seven BNP MEP's to Brussels. They are also warning that some large cities may also fall to the BNP. There is a whiff of fear in the air!

Conservative 24.27%
NoLab 24.18%
LibDems 18.5%
BNP 16.7%
Independents 6.5%
Greens 5.4%
UKIP 2.33% (unchanged did not field a candidate)

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