Monday, 23 March 2009

Political Sleaze

So there we have it 'Mugabe' Brown has had to direct a so called 'review' into the pay, expenses and conduct of the so called 'honourable' Members of Parliament. NoLab, the party of the people, the party which attracts a core vote from the working class indigenous population which is second to none, continue to let them down!

Over the weekend we have the unedifying spectre of yet another NoLab Cabinet Minister being 'outed' for his abuse of the parliamentary expense system. I will never buy into the NoLab claims that 'they are following the rules' because we all know what is fraud and what is not fraud.

This government is unravelling at the seams. They have not got a clue how to run a country but then that is consistent with the Fabian ideology. Ideology will never run a business. Ed Balls cannot run a country because he has no hard experience and I pick on him because he is the epitome of NoLab nonsense. He was the architect of the Banking system which of course has almost ruined us. He imposes the targets which has cause the Social Services such a problem and remember he is the Children's Minister. The sexualisation of the children at such an early age is also his idea.

The real culprit however is 'Mugabe' Brown formerly known on the blogs as 'Macavity' because he always disappears whenever the going gets tough. His 'review' of the expenses fraud coincides with yet another example of a Cabinet Minister caught with his snout in the trough. I ignore the conduct of his mate who has been caught with his trousers down in the House of Commons on Remembrance Day!

'Mugabe' Brown cannot duck one charge and that is the charge of poor choice of friends. Everywhere we look the friends of Gordon Brown are letting him down. They have all got their noses firmly in the trough. Think of the Balls family, the Fat Lodger (Jacqui Smith), Tony McNulty and before them Mandelsson, Blunkett, and it goes on and on!

Judge your man on his friends I was once told. It is a very wise saying but we now know that NoLab politicians cannot be trusted but tell that to the voters of St Helens, Tameside and Newcastle who continue to vote for NoLab in droves. I am sorry but the destuction of the English education system is obviously now paying dividends. They are desperately thick!

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