Friday, 13 March 2009

Muslim extremism!

I expect that my brother screamed his now famous expletive, 'I don't believe it' when he read that the only arrests made by our facile police force during the Muslim intervention against our returning troops at Luton were predictably two white people incensed by the demonstration.

I do not know which craven politician directs the actions of the police these days (I bet Jack Straw has something to do with it)but whoever he/she is they must be mindful that they are driving thousands of frankly pissed off indigenous Brits into the hands of the BNP.

This is the politics of madness particularly as it has been revealed that one of the protestors works as a baggage handler at Luton Airport! I'm sorry but in this day and age there has to be some jobs off limits to muslims and baggage handler has to be one of them.

I am no lover of violence but I have to say if the BNP had fielded a few of their more belligerent types at Luton and cracked a few heads then I would have stood up and cheered. If the police are refusing to do their job then one day mark my words the public will do it for them.

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