Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Tomorrow and the next day!

Well they are all here, the G20 group, and it has cost us £20 million pounds. Does anyone really believe that these people can come up with a plan to 'save the world'? What is it all about? None of these politicians will come up with a global plan because people like the Germans and the French will always insist upon an advantage for their own people.

We the British have long since given up that anyone will represent us. We have been bulldozed into Europe without a vote. We have police who ignore the criminal and target the taxpayer. We just pay up and hope that we can survive until tomorrow. Our poor grandchildren are innocently walking into the future not realising that there are ideologists who wish to rob them of their childhood and their freedom.

Tomorrow people will protest. What kind of protest? Will it be peaceful? If it is peaceful what will it achieve? It almost has to be to violent to compete with the French. There are apparently thousands of police waiting for it to 'kick off'. Where are these police when the burglars kick your door in? How can this government suddenly conjure up thousands of police to keep them safe?

I am too old to join in a violent protest but unfortunately I do believe that it is long overdue. These politicians are day after day treating us like serfs. We know that they are robbing us blind. In any walk of life these people would be in the dock and jailed. It is quite clear that the Gestapo (sorry police) have geared up for a threat.

It is time for a revolution but will it happen...oh for the sake of my grandchildren something tells me that...I hope it kicks off! I cannot fight with them but I will help to bury the dead!

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