Monday, 30 March 2009

VMB's Election Poll

This year I have been opened a spreadsheet and each Thursday after the round of local by-elections I have been totalling the votes cast for each party. I have then divided them by the number of elections contested before calculating the percentage votes cast for each party.

I am doing this just to see if the polls conducted in the mainstream media have any merit or are they just fiction. After all the VMB poll is based on actual votes cast not just opinion.

I am also on the lookout for any significant trends and they are beginning to emerge. For example it hardly seems to matter what antics the Westminster politicians get up to the traditional battle lines are maintained. The minor parties cannot get a toehold even when the turnout is so horrendously low.

In Ettingshall a suburb of Wolverhampton for example NoLab polled more than their three other opponents put together. I suspect that once again that is an immigrant vote. In Jacqui Smith's Redditch they contested two districts last week. In Redditch Central the NoLab winner once again polled more votes that the total of the four opposition parties and gained the seat from the Tories! In Headless Cross and Oakenshaw however the trend was reversed with the Tories retaining the seat. Given the constant diet of sleaze dripped into the press by so many high ranking NoLab politicians I am baffled how they retain this vote but then if the immigrants or the benefit recipients don't read the papers then they probably think that nothing has changed since Keir Hardie!

It is still surprisingly tight between NoLab and the Tories and the only other point to note is that the BNP are still holding their share of the vote almost every time that they contest an election. here are the stats:-

Tories 25.37%
NoLab 25.12%
Lib Dems 18.77%
BNP 16.42%
Independents 6.5%
Greens 5.4%
UKIP 2.33%

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