Wednesday, 27 February 2013

'The Lord is Sleeping' but what about Eastleigh?

Today was a sad day for the Catholic Church because they lost Pope Benedict.  However, he left with a message which did not resonate with 'ill health' as an excuse for the first Pope to 'resign' for 600 years.

He appears to believe that 'The Lord is Sleeping' which is a very nice way to describe an evil beyond belief. All of us who monitor the dreadful power of the bankers to corrupt our society now know that he has uncovered something that has probably disgusted him...something so bad that he could not tolerate it.

Tomorrow the public vote at Eastleigh. We have an awful corruption in our society because the bankers own the media and our mainstream politicians.  One party stands alone against this corruption...UKIP.  One day they will fight against the bankers' parties and win because one day the public will understand that our children deserve to play unmolested in the streets and fields of this country.

I am now an old man. Very few people in this country grew up with the freedom that I had. It has been destroyed by a concerted campaign orchestrated by the bankers and their untold wealth to drive our kids indoors.  At the same time they limited the ability of parents and teachers to discipline the children.

Tomorrow the people of Eastleigh can fight back. I have constantly been invited by UKIP to attend and campaign. Unfortunately my campaigning days are over and to drive 400 miles in one day would be silly for me.  However, I have my hands together in prayer that the voters of Eastleigh will wake up and smell the coffee.  Perhaps even Pope Benedict will join me?

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Fingers crossed!