Saturday, 23 February 2013

No Longer 'AAA'!

The slump of our country under the auspices of pitifully poor politicians and the European Union continues unabated. I well remember the emphasis that our abject Chancellor placed on our prestigious 'AAA' credit rating but inevitably our economy is in such tatters that we cannot be trusted anymore.

No matter, the madness will continue. The madness of pouring billions into the EU every year and the billions being poured into the continent of Africa where, despite this, evidence of undernourished children is still emerging.

In the NHS alone millions have been spent keeping people quiet about the astonishing neglect in many of the wards. There must be a huge slush fund somewhere in the treasury that can be used to hide government embarrassment. 

I will repeat ad nauseum that while our corrupt and self serving mainstream politicians pay homage to a foreign power (the EU) which refuses to be audited then our financial problems will continue. You see it is deliberate.  The EU is an immense fraud being perpetrated on the people of Europe to bring down our financial power and our freedom.

Listen to Aaron Russo on Youtube (there is a lot of material on him). Mr Russo passed away a couple of years ago but before he did he opened the eyes of many people. If you listen to him then everything suddenly begins to make sense. Who created the EU? Who selected the people who have never been elected but who run it? What happens to the money we pay in? Much of it comes directly back into the back pockets of the quangos and the local politicians who ensure it remains in place. It is a racket of immense proportions.

Mr Russo will open your eyes. Just remember almost all of our front line politicians are involved and that is why our money is disappearing at an alarming rate!


Anonymous said...

Watched the link, interesting but you got to admit if what he says is true about N Rockerfeller the bloke is a loon. You know as well as I do this chip thing will never happen. Even if it is a creation of the NWO we are no nearer that, than Ukip winning the Eastleigh election, unfortunately.



bryboy said...

I thought it waw a fascinating insight into the mindset of these control freaks. They don't often have a dissenter in their ranks because they just buy loyalty. I bet Rockefeller junior caught some flack!!