Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Apologies are simply not Enough!

The inhuman treatment of so many patients at the Stafford Hospital is inexcusable.  There has to be a real witch hunt which must expose so many of those concerned. When we hear details of what was tolerated it is unbelievable that the man at the top of this dung heap, Sir David Nicholson, is refusing to step down. What must happen for that man to develop a conscience? What must happen for David Cameron to despatch him into obscurity? Why is he not in court?

There just has to be a paper trail to the perpetrators of this abomination. They must all be made accountable. I mean every member of the Trust, the administrators, the consultants, doctors, sisters and nurses. A special court should be set up to deal with their evil. Every person who served at Stafford Hospital during the period under review should be dragged kicking and screaming before a court and publicly be made to explain why they allowed this hell to happen!

Now don't get me wrong I do know that not all the medical staff are heartless but for heaven's sake what has happened to nursing, to care and to common decency? Whatever happened to Human Rights when it concerns honest, hard working, indigenous, common people who have no political agenda to trumpet? Yeah right! 

Today David Cameron actually (can you believe it) supported Sir David Nicholson and kept him in his job. This man was in charge of a system which murdered so many people because of their callous neglect. In modern Britain what does it take to impose accountability within the Political Class. It sums up modern politics...if you are in 'the club' you can commit murder and nobody cares. Cameron is a disgrace! He apologises and then supports the guy in charge of everything!

This is the tip of the iceberg. I saw at first hand the treatment that, at times, (and I repeat times) my very aged mother received particularly at the Royal in Leicester. Now 5 more trusts have been indicted as being under the microscope...hell what is going on?

I believe that the government should look at the activities of the NHS unions and their opposition to every and any change to practice. They oppose every change and clearly something must change. Julie Bailey who has led the campaign to expose the neglect of the NHS is a heroine.  She should receive an honour for her tenacity. She has exposed these bastards for what they have done. The members of this Trust MUST all go to jail!

Sir David Nicholson must be the first to go to jail!


GrumpyRN said...

Bryan, I am not going to even attempt to condone this. I was discussing it at work yesterday with one of our senior consultants and we cannot understand what the senior medical and nursing team were doing. If I left patients the way these patients were left I would have my arse kicked and have been disciplined. And as a memeber of the senior team n my department I would be pulling people up for anything approaching this kind of behaviour.

You know the worst part.....? This is only the tip of the iceberg, there are more scandals to find and when the new re-organisations happen in the NHS you will find even more.

bryboy said...

I was really hoping that this would be your response GRN. This 'Stafford hospital' is beyond belief. One can almost compare to to Belsen! I cannot believe that people who chose the medical profession and trained for it could be a party to this criminal behaviour.

You would know this much better than me but something seriously has gone wrong. From what you hint and from what the press state we are really going to be shocked by the culture that has been allowed to flourish in far too many hospitals.

Accountability has to be reintroduced and that means well paid managers being 'struck off' and blacklisted from the medical profession. Tks for responding.

Highland Cooncil said...

on Scottish Government !!!

Not many deed !!!

bryboy said...

Still nothing is happening on this front! The person in charge of this Bergen Belsen hospital Sir David Nicholson, the ex communist, arch socialist, is still under a Tory Prime Minister still in charge. he will not resign. HE MUST BE SACKED PUBLICLY BY DAVID CAMERON! What is he waiting for? What is the reason that this mutant is still in his job?