Monday, 25 February 2013

Unsurpassed Political Sleaze!

Oh No! Not just before Eastleigh!
With the Eastleigh By-Election only days away the Lib Dems are embroiled in yet another scandal which of course they deny, just like they deny all the other political scandals involving their members.  Recently a string of female activists have come forward to accuse Lord Rennard of molesting them.  These accusations go back some time.

Once again party leader Nick Clegg originally denied all knowledge but as the nooses tightens he has suddenly remembered that he was actually aware of 'non specific' allegations against this party backer.  If I was a party leader hearing about 'non-specific' allegations and I had a shred of honour I would have tried to make them specific!

Our front line politicians are a pretty dubious bunch but of them all I personally regard Nick Clegg as the most duplicitous.  He campaigned vigorously that student fees should be abolished and then reneged on the deal. I cannot remember one of his policies that would actually benefit the British people. He is a dyed in the wool rabid Europhile which indicates that he actually dislikes his own country.

The Lib Dems are being exposed for what they are... contemptible!
The public have now observed cover ups in almost every aspect of government. Recently we have seen the NHS chief allegedly responsible for thousands of deaths being supported by the PM. We have seen a BBC report heavily redacted. We witnessed Chris Huhne, a leading LibDem, denying for a year that he had coerced his wife to take penalty points for speeding and then suddenly doing an about turn.

They have no shame and no principles. Some of us remember Jeremy Thorpe but most of us remember David Laws who had to resign after giving £40,000 of public money to his gay lover. He is now back in this despicable government. Remember Mark Oaten (rent boys), Mike Hancock (adultery), Charles Kennedy (alcohol), Simon Hughes (secretly gay when elected), Cyril Smith (allegations of child abuse) and even Paddy 'Pantsdown' (adultery).
What a bunch and that is what has appeared in the mainstream media! What don't we know about?

I read that the Eastleigh By-Election is becoming interesting with reports that UKIP could be polling higher than 20% of the vote and mainstream politicians receiving hostile receptions on the door step.  I keep looking for a game changer in our sordid EU controlled politics. I keep hoping that the public will recognise what is happening to the country. I will probably be disappointed yet again but day!

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SAB said...

That's a great picture of Clegg you managed to find!
I am looking forward to seeing the results of the By-Election but I'm fairly confident I'll be dissapointed by the result,,, but you never know!