Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Eastleigh By-Election

I know that Nick Clegg fired the starting pistol for the Eastleigh By-Election rather quickly and that there are only sixteen days to go until the big day but you would really think that the Labour party would be prepared!

Up to now nobody knows who will be representing the Labour party in this forthcoming by-election. There are only sixteen days to go but they don't care. The reason that they don't care is that they are no hopers in Eastleigh. Labour's presence in this constituency is an irrelevance. 

They are however, a major political force in this country (despite Blair, Brown, Prescott, Mandelson, both Milibands, Ed Balls, Jacqui Smith, former MPs in jail, peers in jail and a plethora of politicians who were allowed to take from the public purse without recourse...phew I feel better now) and as such one would think that they would be better prepared.

In the meantime UKIP were ready and begin from a platform of 16% support. They are after all the only party who care about public opinion. The rest merely break promises and campaign on behalf of the EU which costs us billions every year and cannot be audited.

They are also keeping very quiet on the effect that hundreds of thousands of Rumanians and Bulgarians will have on the social services in this country when they are allowed to walk in (courtesy of the same EU) next January.

We only have a very short time to find a voice in Westmonster who will force the government to act against this criminal act of irresponsibility. Have they forgotten just how many Poles arrived? We do not have the infrastructure to deal with this mass influx but only UKIP will campaign against it. I just hope that someone is parading these facts in front of the citizens of Eastleigh!

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