Saturday, 9 February 2013

The European Union

I hate to pour cold water over David Cameron's sleight of hand deal with the EU but there is one fact that he coveniently forgets every time that he voices his support for this corrupt organisation.  It is now eighteen years since their accounts have been signed off!

I do not know any other publicly funded organisation which could exist anywhere else in the civilized world without passing an audit.  It means that our PM and our Chancellor and all the Treasury officials and the Bank of England agree to give this organisation hundreds of billions of taxpayer's money and have not a clue how it is being spent.

I have concluded that it is the largest fraud that has ever been perpetrated anywhere in the world.  Audit is the only way that can prove that an organisation is behaving correctly.  If an organisation cannot be audited then one must conclude that it is criminal and yet all our mainstream politicians refuse to question the validity of the EU.

It is one of the questions that should be asked of the PM at PM's Question Time and never is so once again one must conclude that they are all in on the scam. They all continually prop up the myth that the EU is a normal, legitimate, serious organisation and the public don't care sufficiently to question it. 

I repeat that without a set of audited accounts not a penny more should be sent to Brussels. It is the responsibilty of our politicians to question it but most of them one way or the other are being paid by it.  This buys their silence.  It is truly shocking!

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Anonymous said...

I fully agree. The fascist state is here, now. Accountability has ceased to exist; we now live to serve the state. Anyone who can not admit to this is stupid, or still thinks he can be a part of the establishment, when even the establishment will go down the toilet with the rest of us. 'I'm alright jack' has brought us to this and will be our ultimate destruction.