Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Derby County

This evening the youth team of Derby County reached the quarter finals of the FA Youth knock out competition. They did it by beating the youth team of Manchester City 2-0. Now Manchester City are the moneybags club. They recruit from the world and at least one of their players was scooped from Real Madrid.

Last year the youth team of Derby knocked out Arsenal away from home  and only went out by a single goal to Manchester United. The academy of every club is the future and in this aspect Derby appear to have it right.

Recently they fielded so many kids that it was unbelievable. Michael Hogarson is 18, Will Hughes is 17, Mason Bennett is 16, Jeff Hendrick is 20, Michael Jacobs is 20 and they are not alone because coming up behind them is Jamie Hanson who is already in the first team set up.

Next up is Chelsea and by that time Will Hughes may be available. Who knows what might happen but this team ensures a really bright future for the Rams. I have been supporting them now for 54 years now when as a kid I walked in at 5 years of age at half time and was passed down to the front.

Not a paedophile in sight and total freedom in my childhood. How far we have fallen? 

Despite that I really hope that this Derby County Youth team will compete against Chelsea. They must be aware that a team who can defeat Manchester City this year and Arsenal last year has to be respected. Good luck to the kids!

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