Thursday, 7 February 2013

Horsemeat = Beef Lasagne= Findus!

Don't get me wrong horse meat for me is not an issue. For years in Germany we ate Frikadella which we were told was horse meat but it was a late night delicacy after a night on the booze. Frankly we didn't care and it was nice.

So I don't particularly object to horse meat in the food chain. I just want to be informed what I am eating. Already Tesco's have  admitted some of their burgers have contained horse meat. Now although I am not offended by this I object to this duplicity.

Today we now hear that some of the giant Findus companys' products which they labelled 'Beef Lasagne' were in fact horse meat! Now that is fraud. As I have said I don't object to horse meat but what else is Findus and Tesco including in their products. We now know about horse meat but what do we not know about?

Can we trust these producers of mass meat products. Clearly not ... so it is back to the local butcher for me. At least they know that if they sell dodgy products they would be out of business. The multinationals clearly do not care.  The multinational mass producers are now being proven to be dangerous. They have driven cost cutting to an art even to the point of deception. Who could be the first person to be poisoned by a supermarket?

I now want to know what our useless politicians will do about it?

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