Tuesday, 5 February 2013


The term 'modernisation' is coming out of the woodwork. There is a 'rump' of the Conservative party who have recognised that the term 'modernisation' is actually a threat to our society. Since I began this blog I have identified the threat to our society from politicians and the media who are trying to change the face of our society.

Let me assure you that I have nothing against anyone who is euphemistically termed 'gay'. When I grew up the word 'gay' meant something else. I hold no brief on their sexuality because I don't care and it is none of my business. I do care when this tiny minority and that is what they are, are being used to deflect attention from our real problems.

As I speak the BBC are trying to influence opinion by interviewing one lone female who lives in ...Maastricht! As usual the BBC, who are publicly funded, have their own agenda as they did when Jimmy Savile was alive. It is typical. When an organisation is awash with public money they will abuse it. The BBC should now be enforced to generate their own funds. 

I would actively campaign for these overpaid servants of the New World Order to be privately subsidised because that is what they are. They trumpet their own agenda at every opportunity. I challenge anyone to illustrate one instance when any Con/Lab/Lib politician has introduced ONE bill/act/proposition which would be applauded by the British public!

They are destroying our heritage. They are taxing us out of existence. They are the servants of a foreign power and you know what these people used to be termed with a capital 'T'!! They are shovelling HUGE sums of cash into the EU and Foreign Aid because if they don't they may have to pay the elderly a decent pension, care for them when they need care and provide a decent lifestyle for a new generation. For example our kids could be educated from primary school to university without racking up a five figure debt.

We no longer have mainstream care for the vulnerable. Everything that was once in place has been destroyed and replaced by sub standard plausibly explained alternatives.

That is the legacy of modernisation. It is a tool being used to bring the country down. So whenever you hear an MP talk about 'modernisation' or anything being 'modernised' then automatically think the 'T' word because they are being paid by a 'foreign' power.
Then you will know who you can trust and more importantly who you cannot trust.

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